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Salad producer based in Sandwich, Kent.

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Our deliciously crisp leaves stay fresher for longer. There is no need to wash off any nasties, as we don’t use them. So you can eat them, straight out of the bag! We only grow in the UK, building resilience into the British food ecosystem.

GrowUp Farms is a fresh produce supplier based in Sandwich, Kent. We supply salad grown in a vertical farm to businesses around the UK. We solve problems in food production by growing food better, in perfect conditions. We use knowledge and science to grow the right plants, in the right place, in the right way.

We’ve spent almost a decade growing restaurant-quality salads, bringing down the cost of production and perfecting the ideal conditions for our crops to thrive. For our lettuces, this is like a Mediterranean spring day, every day of the year.

Our controlled environment grows the best quality crops year-round, and we’re resilient to climate change and its impacts on farming. We use on-site renewable energy, so our farms grow food with a lighter environmental footprint and a more resilient supply chain.

We’re part of the evolution of the great British farming tradition, helping to build a more sustainable food system for the UK.

Our fourth vertical farm, Pepperness in Kent, produces high quality, long life salads, suitable for large retailers, independents, food service and wholesale customers. If you are interested in stocking our salads, please contact

Awards & Accreditations

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B Corp

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Renewable energy, Water conservation, Zero chemicals


Ethical sourcing, Sustainable sourcing


Recyclable packaging


Living wage employers


Closed loop production system, Recycled waste product