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Hamstreet Wines



Delicious Kentish wine

Our vineyard and wines

Situated just outside the village of Hamstreet in Kent, we are in the heart of a real hot spot for quality English wine.

In 2019 we planted over 16,000 vines across 10 acres with a mix of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, Bacchus and Pinot Gris vines. We took our first harvest in 2021, and released our first wines in 2022, with releases following, as and when our wines are ready.

These are all be small batch natural wines made from our own grapes only, crafted to show off the best of that particular vintage with minimal additions and interventions in the winery. That means our wines will be different year on year, and some styles may only appear intermittently as we follow what nature gives us.

Biodynamic and Regenerative

We are fully certified under organic standards with the BDA, and are converting to be certified biodynamic as well.

Alongside this we are doing things a little differently. We're following regenerative agricultural principles, to build a vineyard that is in harmony with its environment and has a positive impact on our planet.

Who are we?

Founded by a young husband and wife team - Lucie and Jules both share a passion for wine, and were inspired by the quality of wines that England can produce.

They took the plunge to set up something of their own, with plans to do things differently, and are managing the vineyard alongside their existing careers until it is fully established. All made possible with the support of Dani, our wonderful all round all star!