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IC Mushrooms

We are Growers of gourmet mushrooms, beautiful Velvet Pioppinis, Shiitakes, and yellow, pink and grey Oyster Mushrooms.


We offer an all vegan snack and meal range. All of our Vegan products are mushroom based of course, we have a range of mushroom crisps from Garlic and Herb for the herb lovers, all the way to Cajun for the spicy lovers, Great Taste Award winning Rosie’s Vegan Mushroom Jerky, Mushroom Pate, Seitan Mushroom Burgers, Risotto and Ramen meal kits for two.

We believe we are all accountable for our actions, our food and our planet. To this end we want to grow our mushrooms ethically, for us this means growing using simple technology that also uses little energy. To achieve the use of low energy and simple technology, we use recycled coffee grounds that would otherwise go to land fill. Sawdust from FSC registered suppliers and chopped straw that we pasteurise only using cold water and lime. This constitutes our substrate, the material our mushrooms are grown on.

We do not use any herbicides or pesticides in the production of our mushrooms. Our fresh mushrooms are plastic free and presented in compostable punnets. We use glass jars for our products and we have a deposit return jar scheme. Our pate and burgers come in tubs that can be used in the microwave and dishwasher. The meal kits are in recyclable pots which is currently the best way to use plastic. There are very few industrial composters which are required for PLA and starch based products.

We run grow your own mushroom courses from our home. For the hobbyist, the amateur and the aspiring professional. You learn to grow using a very simple, easily repeatable method.

We welcome visitors to visit our bijou farm, taking into consideration current Covid 19 Please visit our website IC-muor email for details

Awards & Accreditations

These are some of our recent awards and accreditations

Food Hygiene rating 5
Great Taste Award 2020