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Jacques Et Lilie

Caneles, Brioches and Madeleines, delivered.

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Freshly baked cakes delivered in Kent and London

Grandchildren of well-respected bakers in the south west of France, we have always been cradled by the smell of fresh pains au chocolat and croissants leaving the oven in the morning; the sight of lovingly handmade patisseries in the shop window; and by the unique taste of crepes and waffles from Granny’s special recipes in the afternoon.

When we were finally old enough to work, we were begging Grandma to accept our help in any kind of way and very soon it became our regular job every summer. At no time did it feel like an obligation, more like a family rite of passage that each of us was proud to go through.

It is these loving memories, which we have both held so dear that inspired us to work together to revive our family tradition. The cakes we are offering are based on the family recipes passed on from generation to generation and we hope you will appreciate the taste as much as we do!

Amandine and Paul

Grandchildren of Jacques and Lilie