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Kelseys Skincare

Natural skincare from the Garden of England

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Kelseys is a fourth generation farm. Each generation has chosen to listen to their heart, to listen to the land and to develop the Kelsey family farm by enhancing nature with crops of their choice, currently we grow a range of seaasonal berries.

Raspberries particularly are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Through cutting-edge scientific research, we have discovered and developed the benefits of our raspberries for the outside – our skin. Working with hand-picked experts, we have formulated an exclusive ‘raspberry first’ skincare range.

The raspberry is a powerhouse of nourishment for the skin and we utilise all elements of the plant, from fruit pulp to leaf to seed. Packed with a nutritionally dense complex of essential vitamins, minerals and omega fatty acids that help fortify the skin’s defences against environmental and lifestyle aggressors, supporting natural collagen synthesis, smoothing the skin and locking in hydration.

We upcycle our seeds, fruit pulp and leaves. We source everything as locally and as conscientiously as possible. Our packaging is recyclable and all of our cardboard comes from an FSC certified supplier. We also opted for nitrile bulbs for our pipettes as an alternative to the more commonly used PVC, which has a negative environmental profile.

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