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The only veg box scheme to offer 100% Kent veg to your door. Our boxes offer the lowest food miles available all year, helping you do your bit.


We've been delivering Kent veg for over 15 years now, straight from the field to our customers' homes. Simple as that.

We are Kent's ONLY veg box company that uses exclusively Kent veg; we are the only truly Seasonal and Local veg box scheme. Indeed 99% of all our other produce is from Kent producers, just a bit of citrus over the winter is our only import.

Why is this important?

Food Miles

Low food miles equals low emissions, it is that simple. No one can fix climate change by themselves. We all need to do our little bit where we can. If we all do a little bit, it can add up to a lot.

Local Economy

Did you know (according to the New Economics Foundation) £1 pound spent locally can 'multiply' in the local economy? This means if you spend your £1 with us it goes round the locally economy several times, helping everyone, rather than disappearing to a Head Office in London or overseas. 95% of our spending stays local.

Nutritional Half-Life.

Did you know veg has a nutritional half-life? This means once cropped the vitamins and other goodness in the veg starts to degrade. The longer it takes before you scoff it, the less nutrition it has. Studies at Penn State University have shown that Spinach can degrade by 50% in 8 days. Low food miles means our spinach is never more than 3 days old when you get it.


By only using local suppliers we have no need for packaging to protect the produce from weather or dirt during long transport trips.

Do Your Bit

If you want to do your bit, if you want to help the local economy, if you want fresh, nigh nutrition food, then Kent Veg Box is your best option.

Awards & Accreditations

These are some of our recent awards and accreditations

TOKA 2022 Finalist

Sustainability at Kent Veg Box


Local sourcing policy, Sustainable sourcing, Only use free range meat & eggs


Biodegradable packaging, Compostable packaging, Plastic free packaging, Recyclable packaging, Recycled packaging, Reusable Packaging


Living wage employers


Zero Waste company