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Moot Brew Co

Moot Brew Co is a fresh independent micro brewery and taproom based in Court Farm, Upper Halling.

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We love showcasing English hops and pairing them with hops from around the world, it's kinda our thing.

Just like KAPA [Kentish American Pale Ale] pairs Juicy Citra with Kentish Fuggles and Bramling Cross to create a big punch of citrus, and hedgerow fruits. The slightly sweet finish is cut by Kveik Voss Yeast and softened by a full body of oats and wheat. The result? An extremely sessionable and refreshing hazy pale that stands out from the pack.

Our taproom will be open for visitors in the spring of 2023. Be sure to visit us to learn more about our regenerative brewing partnership with Court Farm. We aim to brew beer that's good for the planet, by minimising waste and enhancing ecosystem biodiversity.