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Micro greens and herbs for retail, wholesale and catering

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Food that has been grown near you doesn’t just taste better, it feels better. Always Local, Always Fresh.

Ro-Gro is the daughter company of Machere. Quite literally too - the company was named after our little girl, Rosie. Farming is the family business: Machere is the name of our family’s first-generation farm in Zimbabwe. After settling down in the UK, faced with wet weather and rising land rates, it was obvious that we would have to adapt and adopt new technologies in order to continue our family farming tradition of 110 years.

Ro-Gro has joined forces with another Kent farming family G H Dean & Co Ltd to start a new vertical farming venture and realise their ambition to reach Net Zero by blending traditional methods with cutting-edge technology powered by solar panels. The vertically farmed produce, grown and sold under the Ro-Gro brand, will be distributed via electric vehicle into the local area.

The locality of the produce is something that really matters to both Jason and his customers. Jason said: “For a few years I have been looking at different indoor growing systems to grow a wide range of great tasting local herbs and salads all year round. I am now confident of doing that using the technology within a DROP & GROW container farm. You never need to import anything. Whether it’s going to retailers, restaurants or farmers markets. It’s always local. It’s always fresh.”

Because the collaborative project will allow a proportion of the horticultural produce to be grown vertically indoors, it will allow land to be released for rewilding, building biodiversity and carbon capture. One of these key projects includes rewetting land to return it to marshland, creating and improving wetland habitats for breeding wading birds.

The vertical container farms, provided by LettUs Grow, use aeroponic technology to increase the growth rate of plants, while significantly reducing the water and fertiliser usage. It will produce crops all year round and offer resilience against climatic changes.

Currently available at Macknade in Faversham, check out our website for more stockists and check out instagram to find out which market we will be at next and follow our Net Zero journey.


High quality micro herbs and shoots to add flavour and style to dishes. Currently available;

  • Coriander (micro)
  • Pea shoots
  • Purple Radish (micro)
  • Red Amaranth (micro)
  • Sunflower shoots
  • Salad Mix (micro greens and shoots).

Please contact us for any specific requirements as many types of herb and leaf can be grown. Recently we have produced micro Rocket, Basil, Nasturtium leaves and Watercress


A selection of packs that your customers will love using at home.

  • Coriander (micro)
  • Pea shoots
  • Salad Mix (micro greens and shoots)

All packs labelled with a unique EAN barcode.

What’s to love about it?

  • ZERO pesticides
  • Grown using solar energy, in a vertical farm using aeroponics and LED’s
  • 100% recycled and recyclable packaging
  • Grown locally near Sittingbourne, Kent
  • Available year round
  • Delivery to order by electric van

Call or email to order

Currently available at Macknade in Faversham, check out our website for more stockists and check out Instagram to find out which market we will be at next and follow our Net Zero journey

Awards & Accreditations

These are some of our recent awards and accreditations

TOKA 2023 Bronze
TOKA 2023 Gold

Sustainability at Ro-Gro


Renewable energy, Electric vehicles, Water conservation


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