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Street Kings Smokeshack

Smoked American BBQ using a combination of Oak and Hickory kild dried wood.


We want to connect people through great food, Love and Passion is our most important ingredient

It’s no secret but the trick to great Bar.B.Q starts with the meat; Here at Street Kings Smoke Shack Whitstable we make sure we use the best beef, our Angus Brisket comes from trusted butchers who also prepare for us the finest cuts of pork which we cook low and slow over a variety of different woods to create that real authentic BBQ, making the Best BBQ in Kent isn’t easy so we make sure that everything homemade no nasties in our food, so if you fancy good BBQ ours has no gluten in it whatsoever, none in our seasoning and none in our sauces. One thing we hold very close to our heart is that everyone should be able to afford to eat well so we try to pass on any saving to our customers, we don’t want to fill up our customers with loads of carbs and deep fried junk we pride ourselves on filling our customers up with premium protein. Never be hungry at Street Kings and if it ain’t BBQ it ain’t food.