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The Pure Meat Company

A first generation farm with a simple passion for real food.

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Our values - Farming with integrity, slow food, native breeds, regenerative farming, farming for the future.

We farm around 400 acres of permeant pasture in The Weald Of Kent, of which is home to our herd of English Longhorn cattle, Tamworth pigs, Romney sheep and Bronze turkeys. Farming as nature intended, through the seasons our native breeds grow slowly, to full natural maturity. Our English longhorn cattle and Romney sheep are slow grown and 100% grass fed. Our Tamworth pigs and Bronze turkeys are properly free range, slow grown and fed on a cereal based diet made using local grains from our local mill.

We have total control over every process from beginning to end, giving complete transparency and with farming native breeds, ethically and sustainably to full natural maturity; it's this chain of events that produces the most sensational meat with a real depth of flavour and fantastic texture.

We're now open for Christmas orders. Head over to our website to place your order for collection from Rolvenden.

Sustainability at The Pure Meat Company


Only use free range meat & eggs


Recyclable packaging, Recycled packaging

Regenerative farming

Biodiversity & wildlife conservation, Sustainable farming practices


Closed loop production system, Recycled waste product