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The Tea Makers of London

We are a family owned business, located in Dartford, Kent. We specialise in single origin estate, fully traceable, exquisite teas and teaware. Our deeply rooted connections with soil, tea and people allow us to inspire tea lovers everywhere.

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The Tea Makers of London -Exceptional teas & teaware.

The Tea Makers of London is a family-owned business, specialising in single-origin, fully traceable, estate-grown teas and beautiful teaware. Our headquarters are just outside London but our origins lie in the tea plantations of Sri Lanka. Here is where I grew up, playing hide and seek with my cousins among the tea bushes that surrounded my grandfather’s plantation bungalow.

Here, too, is where I learned the trade as a tea grower and taster, developing what was to become a deep-rooted love for an industry that connects its customers with cultures, geography and weather patterns found continents away. I discovered that in the musky aroma of a pulled-apart Pu-erh cake, you might detect the humidity of the Yunnan fermentation shed. That the bold flavour of a dark-leaved Assam breakfast tea offers a taste of the fertile, loamy soil of the Brahmaputra river valley where it was grown. And that even in the most far-flung corners of the world, you’ll find outstanding teas being grown through a combination of science, artisanship and, increasingly, sustainable farming practices.

We founded The Tea Makers of London in 2010 to share all of that – our knowledge, heritage and connections with the tea trade. What began with just a few carefully chosen Sri Lankan teas and a handful of customers has grown into a trusted brand offering a wide range of authentic, meticulously sourced teas from some of the world’s most revered tea gardens.

At The Tea Makers of London, we are unambiguous in our commitment to the quality of our tea and the relationships behind each and every one. We meet our farmers, in person or online, from a place of equity, respect and community, and put low-intervention farming methods and minimal processing of the leaves at the heart of what we do.

Most of all, we want you to get a sense of all that a tea is, and can be, from soil to cup. Whether it’s an English Breakfast to start your morning, a soothing rooibos or a smoky oolong, our award-winning teas are here to invigorate, delight and help you create precious moments of peace in your day.

Thank you for exploring the world of tea with us. We invite you to savour every cup.

The Tea Makers of London: From farmer, to us, to you.


Sam Sameen