Send a Boo! Gift with Fudge Kitchen

At Fudge Kitchen we’re keen to help keep the fun alive…ALIVE! this Halloween. So we’re loving the new “Boo!” craze sweeping the nation. A fang-tastic answer to a pandemic-friendly Halloween – leaving a thoughtful sweet treat on the doorstep to surprise your neighbours puts a social-distancing advocacy on the old ‘knock-&-run’ childhood games. It’s a wonderful marriage of love and insanity that even Frankenstein would approve.

Visit us in-store or online and select your ‘Boo! Basket’ of goodies; then it’s down to you to sneakily deliver them, ring the doorbell and skedaddle!

Whether you choose a box of fudge, some crunchy brittle, or a single slice, it’s the thought that counts. All Boo’s! come with a sticker and a leaflet containing a Boo poem, game instructions and window poster plus a 10% Off code for your recipient to use in-store and keep the Halloween spirit going.

Visit us online or in-store before 31st October to send your Boo!

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