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12th-27th October 2023

Cider Making at Brogdale - Various Dates

One day Cider Making Course with Michael White

Brogdale Collections, Brogdale Farm House, Brogdale Road, Faversham, Kent ME13 8XZ, UK

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The cider making day will start at Brogdale Farm with a history of cider making in Kent. We will also cover the the health and safety aspects of making cider. This is a great time for a bit of Q&A and get your queries answered in the cider making discussion.

You will then spend the rest of the morning getting ‘hands on’ with cider making. Heading out into the Brogdale orchards to gather apples. Learning about the best fruit to use and why along the way. Get hands on by hand scratting and pressing your apples into juice ready to make into cider. Learn valuable skills from the knowledgeable expert teacher on what to do next. Discover all you need to know about fermenting your freshly pressed apple juice at home and creating the perfect cider.

Finish off the day with ready to make your own cider at home. You will leave the day with up to 15 litres of your freshly pressed apple juice ready to ferment at home. With full instructions and guidance on the fermenting process. This course promises to be a fun day out as well as a great learning experience, starting you on your path to successful cider making at home.

If you want to bring your own apples from your apple tree or orchard at home they can be added to the apples collected from Brogdale. Then blended into the cider mix to take home with you.