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15th-15th June 2021

'Good Gut Nutrition and Fermenting' Intro Session- One Hour Free Class

Want to know what all the fuss is about gut health, nutrition and fermented food?

Why you should be eating fermented food?

A bit scared by the idea of fermenting and want know to the basics of making a simple ferment...?

Join Virginia Hills, Registered Nutritionist, & Katy Newton from Wasted Kitchen for a free one hour 'Good Gut Nutrition and Fermenting' Intro Session and learn

  • why fermented foods are key to good health
  • the best & simplest ways to start introducing fermented foods into your diet
  • how to make a basic super healthy, super easy ferment from scratch

Virginia Hills is a Nutritionist on a mission to support women feeling their best and boost their energy levels, whilst balancing their hormones and everyday stress.

Katy runs Great Taste Award Winning Wasted Kitchen and champions food with provenance and purpose and reducing food waste at home.

They have come together over a shared love of good food and the belief that what we eat truly affects our happiness and wellbeing to offer a series of classes starting with this one hour online intro on Tuesday 15 June at 7pm.

Link to book at here.