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Grafting Workshop at Brogdale

16th-16th January 2021

Those attending this grafting course will be shown how to graft their own maiden tree using rootstocks.

They will also be shown top work grafting to change varieties or produce a family tree. Advice will be given on equipment to use and where to source materials. Participants will leave with the knowledge to graft at home.

Brogdale Collections, Brogdale Road, Faversham, UK


David has worked in horticulture since 1974 and been involved in many different areas including landscaping and producing salad crops. Previous to working in Grow at Brogdale, David worked at East Malling Research Centre growing and propagating fruit for scientists. He has now been at Brogdale for 6 years, propagating fruit trees from the National Fruit Collection for retail customers. David has plenty of experience in teaching grafting and started teaching our courses (Brogdale Collections) in 2013.