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Mount Vineyard Xmas Directory

1st-31st October 2022

Viticulture Course ~ A year in the Vineyard Gift

The perfect gift for the wine lover in your life. A Year in the Vines includes five workshops throughout the seasons, combining theoretical and practical tuition on all aspects of vineyard life.

The Mount Vineyard, Church Street, Shoreham, Sevenoaks, UK

The perfect present for your favourite wine lover:

Join us for a year of viticulture; where you'll enjoy both theoretical and practical tuition. Commence each visit to us with coffee and croissants whilst you're expertly guided, with handouts, through the theory of each process. Head out into the estate for a practical session, giving you the confidence to get your hands dirty and stuck in yourself. Round-up with refreshment in the restaurant with a pizza & glass of still wine included in each visit.

Workshop One (March): Introduction to Viticulture/ Grapevine Physiology, Pruning & Tying Down

Workshop Two (April/May): Shoot Thinning, Bud Rubbing & Frost Protection

Workshop Three (June/July): Wire Lifting/Tucking In, Planting & Weed Control/Alleyway Management

Workshop Four (July/August): Leaf Stripping, Green Harvesting, Vine Nutrition & Disease Control

Workshop Five (September/October): Netting/Bird Protection & Harvesting


Valid for two years.

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