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5th February 2021

Change one Thing

Our food preferences and behaviour towards food are changing, not least due to the extra-ordinary ways in which the pandemic reshaped our lives in the past year.

Lockdowns made us shop more locally, which in turn made us think more about where our food comes from, how it is produced and how its production impacts on the environment.

We rediscovered home-cooking, and traditional dishes using seasonal produce. We are more aware of food waste and keen to hear how to buy and eat smarter and make our food go further. We connect food more with our personal health and see it as a way to treat ourselves whilst our social lives are suspended. We understand the importance of food security and of providing access to good food to all who need it.

Through its Change One Thing campaign, which will run throughout 2021, Produced in Kent will encourage people to positively change their food habits by changing One Thing and share this online - by means of a comment, a photo, a video. On our website, social media channels and in our newsletters, we will focus on various areas where change is needed to protect our planet, help our economy and stay healthy – food waste, seasonal cooking, buying food with less food miles, to name but a few. By providing useful information, hints & tips and recipes, and by showcasing good initiatives from members, customers and stakeholders, we hope to help you make a change for the better.

In February we'll be focussing on seasonal cooking - check out our social media & sign up to the mailing list to find out more.

What is the One Thing you would Change? Tell us about it!!