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15th February 2023

Bottlebrush Ferments love your gut

Having endured the pandemic in London, Bottlebrush Ferments founder, Ben Payne decided to join the hoards of DFL's and relocate to the garden of England.

Being Aussie and a beach boy at heart, the move for his family down to Deal gave him a little slice of seaside living and exposed him to the amazing food and drink scene in Kent.

Bottlebrush Ferments are a fermented food business with a focus on Live, raw, probiotic rich foods - Kimchi & Sauerkraut that not only taste amazing, as evidenced by their many Great Taste awards and status as Great Taste Producers, but are doing you some good too.

Ben is a personal trainer and health coach by trade, but launched Bottlebrush Ferments to help people easily work toward their daily veg quote and help them improve their gut health in a quick, convenient and tasty way.

Using hand picked ingredients, chosen for their health benefits and flavour profile, then fermented naturally to preserve nutrients, enhance the flavour and give a huge probiotic boost, Bottlebrush have created a range that are delicious, Vegan friendly and bursting with health benefits.

They are the perfect addition to salads, sandwiches or as a healthy replacement to your pickles, chutneys and relishes or use them as a gut friendly topping on your burger or accompaniment to your cheese platter or charcuterie board.

Ben & head chef Callum moved their production kitchen down to Ramsgate over Christmas and have been busy kitting it out and getting it fully functional. They just received the top score 5 star rating their Food hygiene and safety inspection from Thanet Council and are ready to take on 2023 with loads of new recipes up their sleeves.

You can find them in Macknades in Faversham, Arno & Co and Algar Lodge Farm Shop in Deal and are always on the lookout for new stockists.

Additionally, they are looking for a part time kitchen hand if there are any aspiring fermenters out there.

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Bottlebrush Ferments

We love great tasting food & want to help you eat delicious food and boost your gut health in a quick & convenient way.