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Bottlebrush Ferments

A fermented food company specialising in Kimchi & Sauerkraut.

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We love great tasting food & want to help you eat delicious food and boost your gut health in a quick & convenient way.

We produce a range of Great Taste award winning live, raw, probiotic rich Kimchi & Sauerkraut. We try and help you eat great tasting food, made from natural ingredients with an emphasis on fermentation and everything that comes with it. It’s perhaps the quickest, most convenient, not to mention, tastiest way of contributing to your recommended quota of five to ten servings of veg and fruit a day. Every spoonful (1 heaped tablespoon) delivers loads of flavour and contributes to your veg quota for the day, whilst also giving your gut a much needed boost of beneficial bacteria (probiotics). Our vision is to bring the humble and misunderstood fermented foods to the masses. It’s not just something your hippy vegan uncle can eat, there is something for everyone. We want to help people realise that.We use beautifully fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs and spices, deliberately chosen for their unique nutritional characteristics, then ferment them the traditional way to encourage the growth of specific micro-organisms.

Additionally, our ferments are so versatile, quick and easy to use, that you can enjoy them with any meal or snack. We all know that we should eat more veggies. Well, this may be the quickest, easiest and tastiest way to do it. No washing, peeling or scrubbing required. Just open the jar and you’re ready to rock. You can buy our raw kimchi and other fermented foods at various markets and stores in Kent and London ( check our website for details ) or shop online via our website.

Awards & Accreditations

These are some of our recent awards and accreditations

Great Taste Award 3 Star 2021
Great Taste Award 2 Star 2021
Great Taste 2019 1 Star
Food Hygiene rating 5
TOKA 2023 Bronze
Folkestone Harbour Arm Marketplace Huts

29th-28th September 2024

Produced in Kent at the Folkestone Market Place

There are 35 fisherman huts that form the Market Place - Folkestone Harbour’s first ever permanent retail space. Adjoining the incredibly popular Goods Yard, these classically styled huts come together to form an exciting, evolving retail space.

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