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Charringtons Zari GTA Win

15th August 2023

Charrington's Celebrate win at Great Taste Awards

We're Celebrating! Our Amazing Zari apple juice, newly launched this year, has already won 2 Great Taste Stars.

We already knew it was AmaZing but nice to have the judges agree.

Zari is a beautiful looking and tasting apple variety. Vibrant yellow and red skin, white crisp flesh, plenty of sweetness and a balancing tang. It’s no surprise that this AmaZing Zari apple juice is…well…amazing! It’s matched by our eye-catching pink and black label design.

Here's what the Great Taste Judges had to say:

There is a delightful fresh apple aroma coming from this drink, which has a soft golden hue. The balance of natural sweetness and tartness from these single variety apples sing on the palate with a longevity that makes it a refreshing, delicious juice.

This is a bright, fresh-looking apple juice with a delightful acidic aroma on the nose, which fully supports the apple content. While apple notes dominate, there are hints of sweet pear on the palate. There is a softness to the texture, and it offers a fresh, bright experience. Sweetness and acidity are well balanced and there is little astringency on the finish. Instead, it offers a bright, fresh lingering taste.

A refreshing opaque juice. On the nose we get a lot of pear aromas, and on the palate an element of apple skin/whole fruit that's very satisfying. It's subtle rather than tart or acidic, but also not too sweet. We appreciated its balance and length.


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