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Charrington's Drinks

A family-owned farm producing award-winning premium ciders, apple juices and apple crisps

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Single estate provenance ciders, apple juices and apple crisps

Charrington’s is a small family-run business with two generations of apple-growing expertise at Cryals Farm in Matfield. All the apples we use are grown to the same high standards as those we sell to the big supermarkets. We lovingly nurture our apples every step of the way so we know the exact moment when they are at their very best. Only hand-picked apples from our own orchards are good enough for our products.

Private Bin and Cryals Classic lightly sparkling ciders are very different from traditional or commercial ciders. Rather than bittersweets, we use the finest British eating apples and the result is a range of light, refreshing and flavoursome Estate Craft Ciders that are a genuine alternative to sparkling wine. They go well with white meats and cheeses or just enjoyed on their own - chilled in champagne flutes. Deliciously distinctive.

The Earl's reserve is our versatile still cider. Chill in the summer for picnics and barbecues or mull in winter with our Red Peppercorn & Hibiscus herbal infusions.

Our single-variety apple juices are full of the wonderful flavours and textures of their apples. Captivating Cox is lighter with that distinctive coxy tang, while Ravishing Russet is rich textured with a nutty sweetness. Put them on the breakfast table or have them anytime for a natural boost to your day. They also work incredibly well as cocktail mixers - particularly with berry flavoured gin or toffee vodka, respectively!

Apple Crisps are 100% natural, just air-dried slices of Cox, Bramley and Cheerfull Gold TM apples. Not fried and nothing added. Healthy can be delicious! Ideal for school lunch boxes, office desk drawers and gym bags.

Awards & Accreditations

These are some of our recent awards and accreditations

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