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Lilys Community Kitchen

11th January 2023

Exciting news from Lily's Social Kitchen!

We love being able to share good news stories with our followers, and its time for another one! NICK HAS GOT A PAID JOB!!

Nick came to us a few years ago looking to gain some skills, confidence and experience in the work place. So he started to work in our Cafe. He was incredibly quiet and kept to himself and preferred to staying in the washing up room of our cafe working away and cleaning.

We gradually helped him become confident enough to serve food to customers, start to make pots of tea and is now our Saturday Barista on the coffee machine!

He then did a supported internship at kings school last year in the kitchens before finishing there in the summer. We then had a think of where would be perfect for him as a job. And he has now started at McDonalds in Broadstairs as a Meet and Greet FOH member of staff!!!!

We are SO proud of how far he has come, and can't wait to see what the future holds for him.

Lilys Social Ashford Exterior

Lily's at Singleton, Ashford

Our Singleton Cafe is a "Pay as You Feel" site

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Lily's Social Kitchen, Canterbury

We launched Lily’s Kitchen because we wanted to find a way of creating opportunities for people from all walks of life to access work and training.

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