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5th July 2023

Introducing Terry Cotta!

At Spadework we are busy putting the finishing touches to the giant scarecrow that we have created for the team at Produced in Kent.

We’ve taken a vote on a name for the scarecrow, and the winning name, by a narrow margin is Terry Cotta!

Made from lots of re-cycled timber, Terry will be tall, with an equally big arm span! Terry’s eyes, ears and nose have been created from re-cycled flowerpots, teeth from plant labels, hair, and clothes from coffee and cocoa bean sacks. Terry’s hat was once a hanging basket.

We’re very excited to see Terry when he’s moved to the Show. To give you a taste for what is coming – here are a few photos of Terry’s head, arms, and legs.

It’s been a fun week bringing Terry to life and a great collaborative project for everyone at Spadework.

Come and see him for yourself at Kent County Show this weekend!

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IMG 3390

Pumpkin portrait


In 2019 Spadework celebrated 35 years of providing care, support and meaningful opportunities for adults with learning and other disabilities.