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Kin Coffee organic SUGAR

15th May 2024

Kin Coffee has added another product to their directly traded range - Demerara Sugar!

This joins both Earlybird and Farmbird in being directly purchased from the farm it is grown in Brazil, located in the Alta Mogiana region.

This soft brown demerara sugar is organically grown and due to the love and care of the Lancha Oliveira family contains delightful caramel notes - a perfect compliment to any baking.

The farm it is grown was named the most sustainable coffee farm in Brazil in 2023. They began growing sugarcane in addition to coffee to diversify their offerings in response to the challenges faced by global warming. Frosts and drought in Brazil in 2021 led to one of the worst harvests in decades.

The sugar is packed in eco-friendly packaging.

400g - £4.95

Available online or instore at Kin Coffee

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Kin Coffee

Our mission is to provide high quality, sustainably sourced arabica coffee in eco-friendly packaging.