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Korkers Sausage mash

6th March 2024

Recipe: Korkers Sausages with Wild Garlic Mash

Local flavours unite in this delectable dish! Our Korkers sausages paired with potatoes from Tenterden Potato Shop, blended with their homegrown wild garlic create a culinary symphony that celebrates local producers and supports farmers.

From field to fork, each bite is a testament to the quality and freshness of locally sourced ingredients. Join us in savouring the magic of sausage mash, a beloved favourite among our audience!

Korkers original recipe sausages
Pink gypsy potatoes
Wild garlic

Cook Korker sausages
Peel potatoes and boils until soft
Mash potatoes with butter until creamy then add wild garlic


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Hoads Korker Sausages

Korkers is a family business with over 60 years worth of experience in producing high-quality pork-based products

The Potato Shop selection

The Potato Shop

The Potato Shop is based on the 2000 acre Morghew Park Estate in Tenterden, Kent.