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17th February 2021

Sustainability Pledge at Marc-Pierre's Kitchen

Here at MPK’s we take our pledge seriously.

Its not a simple promise that can be easily broken – we are dealing with the future of the our planet and that of our future generations after all! We also don’t want to preach, just show everyone by what we do and the tasty food we create that you can do it sustainably


  • To source food sustainably, we consider growing practices, sustainable fisheries, animal welfare, fair labour practices, transport distance, and packaging.
  • To always provide good vegetarian and vegan options.
  • To reuse or recycle as much as we can locally
  • To reduce food waste
  • To track our energy use and take at least one action each year to reduce it.
  • To use the least toxic products that meet regulations for cleaning.

So why do we go to the extra effort and costs ?
We are a “Multi-Culti” family, Brazilian grandfather, Spanish granny, Italian father, English mother, Russian wife and lots of French relatives

My nona would always tell the stories of keeping her and my father alive in the Internment camp on potato peelings whilst my granny would talk about rationing and re-cycling basically everything from Newspapers to clothes….Take the good old Newspaper for example – would be read, used as insulation, protect ones backside from the headmasters cane and then end up in the outside loo to clean said backside!!

Starting out as a professional golfer on tour before becoming a chef has meant the chance to experience many different places and their approach to sustainability. Germany just after the unification was very different to good old blighty! The only similarity that I could find was that a Kaiser Semmel was in fact a Kentish Huffkin. All the waste was separated and recycled ….and this was the very early 90’s!

Sardinia next…Paradise with an abundance of wonderful fruit, veg, meats, cheeses and of course fish. Here we learned that basically everything that is consumed on this Island is home grown. They also had a great reverence to water, as it is so scarce, nobody wastes water there, something we also do here in the restaurant.

My last 7 Years abroad were spent in Switzerland , they have incredible infrastructure, amazing public transport, strict food product labelling with origin and welfare details in 4 languages and a whole host of measures in place to protect the environment based on three interdependent pillars: economy, ecology and community!

So as you can see Anastasiya and I are so well versed in living in a sustainable way that it’s only natural for us to continue to implement this whilst living in the UK and especially in our Restaurant.

We look forward to welcoming you soon and giving you a taste of our travels , made with carefully sourced local ingredients.


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