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Potato Shop Yukon Gold Roast Christmas 2020

14th December 2020

When it comes to Christmas dinner, go for Gold!

Here at The Potato Shop we pride ourselves on growing a potato for every occasion so when it comes to Christmas we go all out.

With at least 25 of our 31 potato varieties being suitable for roasting we’re sure we’ve got the spud for you. Some roast better than others and we’d always recommend going for one of our ‘golden’ varieties for the Christmas table, these being Yukon Gold (pictured), Mayan Gold or Golden Wonder. However, that isn’t to say that our King Edwards, Desiree or Red Duke of York don’t make beautiful roasties as well.

Roasting potatoes doesn’t have to be difficult. If you go online there are so many different methods for how to cook the best roasties but, in reality, it can actually be quite simple – which is just what you need when you’ve got the rest of a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings to contend with. To get the crispiest, fluffiest roast potatoes par boiling is a must, but if time is tight this can be done the night before or skipped altogether (just cook them for a little longer in the oven). The only other thing that you really need to think about is what you’re going to roast them in. Traditionally, duck or goose fat are the go to choices for a luxury Christmas roastie however there are other options. We recommend trying our cold pressed rapeseed oil for roasting our potatoes with. Not only is it healthier for you (with less saturated fat than most cooking oils which can’t be a bad thing at this time of year) but it has a higher smoking point as well. This means that you can crank the heat up to get a really crispy finish. It also lends its beautiful golden colour to the potatoes perfectly helping them to steal the limelight on your Christmas table, as they rightly should. Try pre-heating the oil in the oven before adding the potatoes, this will help cook the outside first protecting the fluffy flesh inside.

You can find all of our potato varieties online as well as our cold pressed rapeseed oil and strong stoneground wholemeal flour. These are all available to order for home delivery but please note that time is running out! For guaranteed delivery before Christmas we strongly recommend that all orders are placed by Sunday 20th December. Please see our website for more information: Our Honesty Stall in Tenterden will still be open and stocked throughout the Christmas period, if you are local you are always welcome to visit. Please see our website for more details about visiting:

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