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Smokey Rebel

Barbaecue rubs & catering


The Smokey Rebel tale is one of smoke, fire & meat! It’s an Epic tale of a Kent family who decided to go into business, taking their passion for cooking and the great outdoors onto a new frontier. The Rebel pack hatched nothing less than the greatest heist in history…the plan was simple bring together their BBQ LIFE experiences to bring the world the tastiest & best quality products.

Bar-B-Que has long been a passion of ours for many years. we have been lucky to have travelled all over the USA making Pit buddy's while eating lots of amazing BBQ along the way! We blended our Smokey Rebel Rubs this way from the rub up to the label all telling a story. Its why people travel far and wide to find quality BBQ in the US for the flavour and the story that comes with it. Our rubs are designed to blow taste buds away however you cook with them, with depth, balance & the right amount of heat!