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Winterdale Milk

The Betts family, a tradition of farming in Kent since 1495.

What could be better than our cow's grazing on the lush meadows of the chalky North Downs of Kent to produce milk with this most incredible link to its landscape.

At present we are milking 100+ Friesian Holstein cows. The cows enjoy a relaxed farming method when during the winter they are housed in large open straw bedded cow sheds giving them the opportunity to behave naturally as a group, mind you some of them are rather mischievous and sometimes have the dexterity to manage to open gates!

Come spring time the cows are let free to the wonderful lush meadows of the North Downs, they tend to act like spring lambs when let out for the first time!

We calve all year round and maintain a closed herd so we breed all our own replacements.

The milk is passed through one microfilter and deep chilled - This simplicity retainis all the natural benefits without damaging any of the natural goodness, The natural ceam settles at the top - perfect for those who love the 'top off the milk' or a gentle shake mixes it back in. You really can taste the freash air and goodness in every pint.

Buy from our farm shop, local farmers markets at Hildenborough and Shipbourne
If you are a local retailer or cafe who would like to sell/use our milk please get in touch.

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