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Produced in Kent is proud of our many publications. We hope you find them interesting and informative. Most of all we hope they encourage you to get out and about in our glorious county, enjoy the countryside and support your local producers, retailers, pubs, restaurants and more. Good News Bulletins

In response to the Covid-19 outbreak, we launched a new website to help introduce consumers to their local food, drink and craft businesses. Every week we create a Good News Bulletin to brighten up our readers day with feel good stories from the county.
You can read them all here:

Week Commencing 29th June
Week Commencing 1st June

Week Commencing 25th May
Week Commencing 18th May

Week Commencing 11th May
Week Commencing 4th May

Week Commencing 27th April

Week Commencing 20th April
Week Commencing 13th April
Week Commencing 6th April
Week Commencing 30th March
Week Commencing 23rd March

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The Produced in Kent E-bulletin is a great way to find out the latest foodie news from around the county, from different events, to new products and producers!

June 18th 2020
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Here are the latest copies of our newsletters – just click on the image to download the full edition. If you want to get the latest edition why not join our mailing list for the Friends of Produced in Kent – just click here and complete your contact details. If you would like to see previous editions of the newsletter then email us at Produced in Kent –


Issue 52. Bursting with the treats of spring 55. Full of festive treats from around the county
Issue 54. Jam packed with info on harvest time, and more Issue 53. Filled with summery goodness

Kent Food Trails

We want to inspire you with the amazing food and drink of Kent. From products grown here for hundreds of years to 21st century innovations, food and drink has shaped the landscape of our wonderful county and we hope you enjoy exploring all it has to offer.

This series of guides will introduce you to a whole range of fabulous food and drink from the Garden of England. Enjoy!

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Fruit & Veg Fact Sheets and Map

A handy map of Kent showing where different produce is grown, and a selection of colourful fact sheets of various fruit & vegetables for you to download & print.






All our educational aids are available in pdf format – just click on the images to download. We also have a range of brightly coloured animal, fruit and vegetable stickers, which are free on request. Please contact us on 01732 853170 for more details.