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Future Food Forum

Fri 3 May 2024 9:30 AM - 2:30 PM University of Kent, CT2 7NZ

What does the consumer want?

Consumer trends in food and drink are constantly evolving and it is not always easy to keep up. The last years have seen a growing concern for our environment and personal health which has boosted demand for healthy and sustainable product. Paradoxically, we are also seeing an increased focus on comfort food and indulgence. The consumer wants simplicity and excess, wholesome foods and ultra-processed vegan products, a greener future but cheap tomatoes from Morocco. And worryingly, an increasing number of customers just wants to be able to put a meal on the table.

We all root for change and innovation but we still want our food to look and taste (and cost) the same. How should the food industry respond to this? Should industry be driving change? Where does it follow, where does it lead? What do customers really want? Do they actually know? And does it matter?

Join us at Kent University in Canterbury for a day of knowledge, collaboration and opportunities to showcase and explore the future of the food industry. Feed the future success of your business with valuable insights and connections.

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